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The ultimate feel-good bodyguard.

100+ Nutrients in One Supplement… Contains 8 whole-food nutrient complexes. Provides the antioxidant power of 35 servings of fruits and veggies. Supports healthy metabolism & immunity. Boosts energy. Great for men & women. How does you multi compare?


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    Who Says You Need To Grow Old?

    Have you ever stood beneath a redwood?

    If you have, you know that few experiences can compare with this. Their size alone is humbling.

    But it's not only their grandeur that hits you... The real sense of wonder comes when you get a glimmer of how many years... centuries... millenniums... some of these beautiful trees have been around.

    Scientists have tracked down exactly what makes redwoods one of the longest-living organisms on the planet.

    It's their ability to protect themselves against the destructive forces around them – bugs, decay, and disease...

    This ability is rooted in the redwoods amazingly high level of defender compounds in its bark and heartwood – polyphenols.

    Polyphenols are found in all kinds of plants, but redwoods certainly take the prize for one of the best supplies on the planet.

    Now the amazing thing is this — These polyphenols not only protect plants from the ravages of their environment, but can protect us as well.

    Plenty of supplement manufacturers have capitalized on the discovery of how polyphenols and other antioxidants can protect us and rejuvenate us.

    But few have really made the effort to give you the full fighting power you need for optimal health.

    Vitalive does.

    Vitalive provides you with more anti-aging antioxidants than any other multivitamin on the market.

    Antioxidant power is measured on what's called the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale. This measures a compound's ability to absorb destructive free radicals.

    Vitalive contains 17,400 ORAC units. That's the equivalent of 35 servings of fruits and vegetables.

    Now, compare this to some of the other supplements on the market — LifePak's 3000... or Centrum's 300 ORAC units.

    You can see a comparison chart here.

    In other words, Vitalive is like the redwood's supply of antioxidants... with other brands only at the level of a short-lived cottonwood tree... or even a cornstalk.

    Now wouldn't you rather have the age-defying power of a redwood?

    But it gets better, because with Vitalive, we didn't stop with superior antioxidant protection...

    We wanted to make sure that all your bases were covered when it comes to nutrition.

    In fact, Vitalive's formulator, pioneering anti-aging nutritionist Dr. Marshall Ringsdorf, created Vitalive because he and his patients were frustrated.

    He knew what you needed to go beyond passable nutrition to optimal nutrition. But his huge list of recommended supplements sent his patients frantically scurrying through health food stores, buying a cartload of different bottles at an astronomical expense.

    You can see a chart to see a complete list of Vitalive's ingredients cost purchased individually.

    So Dr. Ringsdorf invented Vitalive. To make optimum health simpler.

    You get Vitalive's redwood-size supply of antioxidants in its three antioxidant-rich complexes...

    • Bioflavanoid Complex
    • Super Antioxidant Complex, and
    • Phytonutrient Complex

    But you also get everything else you need for optimal health in Vitalive's

    • Essential Vitamin Complex
    • Essential Mineral Complex
    • Cholinergic Complex ("Smart Nutrients")
    • Digestive Support Complex
    • Energy Complex

    With these 8 complexes packed into each capsule, Vitalive provides you with 100 key nutrients for healthy living.

    Each of these nutrients feeds your body in their own unique way. But they also work together as a team, optimizing each other's effects on your body.

    So all you need to do to get this all-star nutrient team working for you is this:

    Open up your pack of Vitalive, take the capsules .... and keep living the life you love.

    According to pioneering nutritionist and Vitalive formulator, Dr. Marshall Ringsdorf,

    "The earlier you start infusing your body with the right nutrients, the better. The daily addition of Vitalive to a good diet is one of the best health and life extension choices available.”

    Now, when you combine this with our 365-day money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong. Experience for yourself what it feels like to have the vitality of a redwood.

    Get your ultimate feel-good bodyguard right now.



    Buy with Confidence! You're purchase is protected by our 60-day Money-Back Guarantee!


    We ship to all 50 US states, the District of Columbia, as well as US Territories and Possessions. 

    Orders received by 2pm ship same day! Orders received after 2pm ship the following business day. 

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