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The world's most advanced CoQ10 for natural energy enhancement.


A Healthy Heart & Natural Energy Boost CoQ10 provides the spark for your heart. But stress, aging & cholesterol meds zap it. When CoQ10 runs low, so do you—fatigue, blood pressure & muscle pain can increase. LifeQ10 is the most absorbable form of CoQ10.



    Youthful Energy Should Never Be "Wasted On the Young"

    Ever watch a little kid run around non-stop — chattering the whole time — and thought,

    "I wish I could bottle that energy!"?

    You'd love to just slurp up that unstoppable get-up-and-go.

    Especially now. These days it's just hard to find your kick-start. Your to-do list looks a million miles long... and you feel like you just can't move an inch.

    It's part of growing older, sure. But it doesn't have to be this way...

    In fact, there is a way to get that energy you need in a bottle — a healthy "JOLT" of it, as one of our astounded customers put it.

    Here's how:

    As we age, our body begins to slow production of one of the key ingredients our cells use to make energy. It's like the spark plug that every single cell in your body uses to get energy production going.

    When we're 20, it starts to dip. At 30, it's sinking even faster. And by the time we're 40 it's gone into a full nosedive. Some studies have found that by middle age, the walls of the heart might be depleted of this essential nutrient by as much as 72%.

    This important nutrient is Co-enzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10).

    You've probably already heard of it... And you may even know hard-working muscles — like your heart — need it desperately. They use up so much energy.

    If you're taking statin drugs, your doctor probably recommended supplementing with it since statin drugs deplete your supply even further.

    And maybe you've tried it... but not been so impressed. Well, there's a reason for that...

    What you may not know is this: CoQ10 comes in two forms — ubiquinol and ubiquinone.

    And the difference between these two forms of CoQ10 is the difference between just getting by... and zipping through your day.

    Ubiquinone is the form you'll find in most supplements. It works all right. But it's extremely hard for your body to use. In fact, your body can't use it at all until it converts the ubiquinone into ubiquinol. And your body doesn't do this very well.

    Even worse, if you have diabetes or you're overweight — forget it. You might as well not take anything, it's so hard for your body to convert it.

    Not so with LifeQ10.

    LifeQ10 is ubiquinol, the active antioxidant form of CoQ10.


    • Is easy for your body to absorb – 8X more absorbable than ubiquinone. You can take a lot less to get the same effect.
    • Helps fuel your heart and all your muscles so you can move, dance, walk . . . or simply run errands... and not feel pooped before you even get going. In fact you'll be revved up for more... LifeQ10 fights fatigue 250X more than conventional CoQ10.
    • Helps you maintain healthy blood pressure. Two published studies have documented how regular use of CoQ10 can help keep your blood pressure within the healthy range.
    • Supports liver health. A preliminary study shows that CoQ10 can help your liver stay healthy, even when you're overweight.
    • Protects you against the aging devastation of free-radicals. A potent antioxidant, CoQ10 sops up free-radicals before they can cause damage. LifeQ10 fights aging 40X more effectively than conventional CoQ10 products.

    However, ubiquinol is very unstable. To stabilize it, LifeQ10 uses patented LiquiPur encapsulation technology. So it's more expensive to make.

    But consider this: With LifeQ10's ubiquinol, you get more bang for your buck. You're essentially saving money since you need less capsules to get the same or greater effect. (You can see more details on this on the Ingredients tab)

    Says Peter Langsjoen, cardiologist and one of the pioneering researchers on CoQ10 and heart health:

    "CoQ10 is remarkable stuff. People feel so much better after taking it. It makes such a dramatic improvement. It’s unthinkable for me to practice medicine without it."


    And it's unthinkable to go without the energy your body's craving...

    Why not get the kind your body can use! LifeQ10.

    And with our 365-day money-back guarantee, you'll have a chance to see for yourself how easily your body makes energy with LifeQ10.

    Get your supply of LifeQ10's bottled energy now


    Buy with Confidence! You're purchase is protected by our 60-day Money-Back Guarantee!


    We ship to all 50 US states, the District of Columbia, as well as US Territories and Possessions. 

    Orders received by 2pm ship same day! Orders received after 2pm ship the following business day. 

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