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The Ultimate Omega-3 for Mood & Mind Support


The Ultimate Omega-3 for Mood and Mind Health Nourish your brain, heart, joints, skin and hair with Chomega. Chomega is all-natural and contains the nature-identical form of Omega-3, just as it's found in fish. Your body will thank you!




    The Scariest Thing We Start To Lose As We Get Older Is Our Mind

    "I think therefore I am." You've probably heard this wise tidbit from the philosopher Descartes. He hit the nail on the head.

    Our Self - our identity - is wrapped up in this mass of neurons packed in our skull. Our brain.

    When we start to draw more blanks than hits, it's more than just a series of "senior moments". It's when we start to have doubts about ourselves at a really deep level...

    Can I keep up with the demands of my job? Are people smirking at me or covering up for me when I forget things?

    How much am I losing track of?

    Everything you build your life on starts to look shaky when your mind starts to go. And to make things worse, the same mechanisms that make your thoughts sluggish affect your mood as well.

    Without the right brain food, you can't keep your mind functioning properly.

    Chomega provides a simple, natural and effective solution –

    • A carefully calibrated, highly concentrated form of omega-3 fatty acids mixed in with choline. In other words, the best fish oil formulation for your brain.

    How Chomega Works To Keep Your Brain In Shape

    You probably know that fish oil's omega-3 fatty acids provide excellent support for your joints, vision and digestive system. And the American Heart Association advocates omega-3's for heart and circulatory health.

    But you may not be as familiar with the ways omega-3 fatty acids support your brain...

    1. Your brain needs insulation to work properly.

    Your brain is like a mass of electrical wires. But like any wire, your neurons work better with good insulation around them. Without insulation, it's easy for these wires to short out. Messages get lost.

    • Chomega provides the essential nutrients to insulate your brain's neurons properly so messages can zip through without a hitch.

    2. Omega-3's simply make your brain bigger, literally.

    Brain researcher Sarah Conklin, Ph D. at the University of Pittsburg interviewed people about their intake of omega-3's. She then took MRI's of their brains.

    • Without exception, the people eating more omega-3-rich foods and taking omega-3 supplements had bigger brains. Especially in the areas related to emotions.

    3. Chomega's high amount of the omega-3 fatty acid, EPA, has been proven to lift low moods.

    In 2004 Psychology Today ran a feature article on omega-3's mood-lifting powers. The article noted research indicating that fish-eating nations have lower rates of depression and suicide. And the key ingredient linked to these low rates is the omega-3 known as EPA.

    • A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry found that when people took a daily dose of EPA for three months, their long struggle with the blues was reduced in severity by 50%. EPA reversed sadness, pessimism, inability to work, sleeplessness and low libido.

    Referring to this and other compelling research, Joseph Hibbeln, MD, a psychiatrist at the National Institutes of Health had this to say:

    "This is one of the largest potential associations of a nutrient with depression. The important issue in this study is that the omega-3 worked above and beyond the antidepressants."

    When you take Chomega, your brain's wires will hum smoothly. No more losing track... No more digging a hole for yourself with doubts.

    Instead, you'll be gaining momentum. You can take on projects and make plans with a sharp mind and a bright mood to match.

    And with our 365-day money-back guarantee, there's no risk!

    So why wait to live a happier life? See the difference for yourself – the difference Chomega can make for your mind and your mood. (Not to mention all the good things it can do for your heart and the rest of your body.)

    Get your Chomega brain food right now.




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