About LifeLab

LifeLab is a leader in the creation of premium quality nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements.

LifeLab's nutritional brands are available direct to you through 1-800-HEALTHY.COM. In addition, LifeLab supplements may be obtained from health, beauty and fitness professionals throughout the United States.

LifeLab’s focus on developing innovative, lifestyle nutraceuticals has yielded advances in anti-aging, skin care, bone health, cardiovascular and neurological health.

Building on this effort, LifeLab is focused on proprietary research and development activities which include:

1.Targeting the root causes of today’s major health problems such as oxidation, brain neurotransmitter imbalance, and inflammation;

2.Exploring nutrigenomics and nanotechnology to enhance the bioavailability and benefits of natural substances which serve the nutritional needs of the body;

3.Cultivating adult stem cell health to improve repair and regeneration systems throughout the body.

LifeLab innovations are derived from discoveries in nutritional science and biotechnology.

LifeLab researchers focus development resources on highly targeted antioxidants, amino acids, phyto-chemicals, and other nutrients that can do everything from sharpening brain-power and repairing cells, to restoring mobility and heightening sexual function.

Many of these nutrients penetrate right into the cell where they combat the major causes of disease and aging, including: free radical oxidation, inflammation, hormone imbalance, fatty acid imbalance, immune dysfunction, DNA mutations, excitotoxicity, glycosylation and circulatory deficit. These causes of aging are, to a large degree, controllable.

Because of this we can honestly state that the right nutrients can prevent illness, restore health and help to keep us biologically younger than our chronological age. We are as young or old as our cells. 

For more information:

Call us at: 1-833-LIFELAB (833-543-3522)


Email us at: info@lifelab.com.